Ingredient Focus: Lavender


Lavender has been used as an ingredient in medicines, cooking and beauty products for thousands of years. Deriving from the Latin ‘lavare’ – to wash – it was used by the Romans to scent their bathwater, bed linen and clothes, as well as for medicinal purposes. The essential oil from lavender flowerheads has been used in perfumes in France since the 17th century and the great lavender fields of Grasse still supply perfumers today. In medieval times there were many superstitions associated with lavender, including planting it around doorways to ward off evil spirits and placing it in the hands of women in labour to bring them strength.

At Cowshed it’s one of our favourite ingredients for many reasons. The scent is famously calming and relaxing – it’s a perfect balance of clean, fresh and herbaceous but sweet, floral and aromatic too. Lavender is just coming into flower in the fields now and will be harvested in the coming weeks.


We use the best quality lavender essential oil in our Relax range for its balancing, anti-depressant properties.  A known antiseptic, it can also help promote rapid healing and ease tired muscles. If you’ve had a tough day, take our Relax Bath & Shower Gel into the shower with you or pour some of the Bath & Body Oil into the tub and let the clouds of aromatic steam soothe aches and stresses away.

It’s also the key ingredient in our Gentle Face Wash which is a favourite with our spa therapists (you’ll find it in every bedroom in Soho House locations around the world too.) Gentle and incredibly soothing on the skin, it turns the daily task of taking off your make-up into a miniature spa treatment.


“The Lavender cleanser feels really natural and healthy on your face, you can tell that there are no nasties in it. It smells really good, and has a thick texture which helps to remove make-up.” Cowshed, Soho Farmhouse

“Creamy, gentle yet effective, the Gentle Face Wash is the product I keep coming back to time after time. It soothes my sensitive skin yet effectively removes all traces of make up leaving my skin super clean. My top tip would be to spend time massaging it in first before gently washing it off with a warm damp muslin cloth, for healthy glowing skin.” Rhiannon, Babington House


This versatile herb is truly nature’s healer: if your skin is feeling tender after too much time in the sun, its calming properties will help soothe discomfort and it’s also great for easing everything from headaches to nausea and minor sprains.

Lavender is incredibly easy to grow and will thrive everywhere from a pot on a balcony to a back garden. It loves well-drained soil and sunny, dry conditions and if it’s in a pot, occasional watering to make sure it doesn’t dry out completely. Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the heady fragrance and vivid purple flowers all summer long.


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