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  • The lowdown on Wild Cow

    cowshed moody cow

    Our moods lie at the heart of everything we do at Cowshed – it’s what sets us apart from the herd (if you’ll pardon the pun.) Our blends of pure essential oils address a range of needs while delivering tangible benefits. Specific oils and plant extracts are known for their therapeutic properties, so whether you’re feeling Knackered, Wild or Horny, there’s a mood to suit.

    Whether they’re oriental or herbaceous, a common thread links our fragrances: the essential oils. When we first started it was unusual to use essential oils in fragrance, but people instantly connected with them because they’re simple, natural and honest. And that’s why our fans keep coming back – they’ve fallen in love with an aroma, which is even more powerful because it’s made with essential oils. That therapeutic power engages you emotionally, physically and mentally.

    So let’s talk about Wild Cow. Now while we're ALL about taking time to wind down and rebalance, sometimes you're buzzing with energy and that's where Wild comes in. With wildcrafted plant extracts and organic ingredients you might expect to find in a cold-pressed juice (think Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary), Wild’s light, oriental fragrance awakens the senses and sharpens the mind. When you’re looking for adventure, Wild will help you feel revitalised and ready for anything.

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