• Introducing Wild Nutrition

    In our spas, we offer touch therapy and great food and drink in a warm, welcoming environment but we know that our customers’ emotional and general wellbeing need to be addressed too, so we're now offering supplements to sit alongside our feel-good treatments. The capsule collection (forgive the pun) of food-grown supplements is by Wild Nutrition, founded by nutritionist Henrietta Norton and her husband Charles.


    Henrietta developed the range of food-grown supplements after noticing that some of her clients were unable to process synthetic nutrients effectively, or even had adverse reactions to them. In the course of her research she discovered that this is due to ‘methylation’ – genetic variations which means the body struggles to proces synthetic forms of supplements such as vitamin B5. She realised as a nutritional therapist that she only wanted to work with natural, food-grown nutrients.

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  • Interview with the artist Clare Melinsky


    As part of our twentieth birthday celebrations this year, we commissioned artist Clare Melinsky to create bespoke lino-cut illustrations of Babington House and the surrounding Somerset countryside to decorate our Christmas collection. After all, the walled garden at Babington is where the Cowshed story began. We spoke to Clare about her career and how she approached this particular project.

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  • Ace of Base

    We’re known for the therapeutic benefits of the famous essential oil fragrance blends in our Moods, but did you know the base oils in our products pack a punch too? Here we give these hardworking, all-natural ingredients their own moment in the spotlight. Look out for them in our Bath & Body Oils as well as our Scrubs and Face Oils.

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  • Our new Advent Calendar is here


    It doesn’t feel like Christmas ‘til you’ve opened the first door on your advent calendar. Instead of chocolates, ours is filled with our best-loved products for you to indulge throughout the festive season. And this year, our limited edition calendar features a beautiful wintry illustration by artist Clare Melinsky of Babington House , where our story began twenty years ago. It's a wonderful gift for someone special, or a treat to yourself to kick off your Christmas celebrations.

    If you can't stand the suspense, here's what the calendar contains...

    Lavender Gentle Cleanser, muslin cloth, Chamomile Refreshing Toner, Quinoa Hydrating Daily Moisturiser, Lippy Cow Lip Balm, Cow Pit Deodorant Spray, Cow Pat Moisturising Hand Cream, Apricot Nourishing Cuticle Oil, Cow Slip Soothing Hand Cream, manicure gloves, Cow Slip Natural Antibacterial Hand Gel, Cow Herb Moisturising Hand Cream, Dirty Cow Freshening Hand Wash, Cowlick Gentle Shampoo, Saucy Cow Conditioner, Knackered Cow Relaxing Body Lotion, Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel, Sleepy Cow Body & Pillow Mist, Knackered Bath & Body Oil, Moody Cow Body Lotion, Gorgeous Cow Bath & Shower Gel, Gorgeous Cow Body Lotion, Wild Bath & Shower Gel, Lazy Bath & Shower Gel.

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  • How To Use Wonder Balm


    Whether on your bathroom shelf or in your handbag, our new multi-tasking Wonder Balm has you covered. There are many ways to use it, but one of our favourites is as a hot cloth cleanser - a quick and simple ritual that will leave you with velvety-soft skin. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Massage a pea-sized amount of Wonder Balm into dry skin, working the balm into facial muscles.

    2. Dampen a muslin cloth in warm water, wring it out and hold over your face, pressing to open the pores and help the balm penetrate the skin.

    3. Wipe off any residue, taking care to use gentle upward motions so as not to pull the skin.

    4. Rinse your face with water and splash with cold water to close pores.


    Julia Rebaudo of lifestyle blog Stylonylon is also a fan. Here's what she thinks:

    ‘I absolutely adore the new Wonder Balm. A multipurpose balm is especially brilliant for travelling and I've been working it hard these last couple of weeks in Portugal, multi-tasking as a last-thing-at-night lip balm, on my ever-dry heels and as an extra barrier of protection for my clavicle bones where my skin is thin and delicate; plus it's perfect for small cuts and grazes pre-plaster with Gus and every few days I've been applying as a night facemask to rehydrate my skin after a day in the sun. I've even been using it to remove my mascara!’ Julia Rebaudo, @stylonylon


  • Little Wonder


    Allow us to introduce Kahai Wonder Balm, our new botanical multitasker in a clever balm-to-oil blend that works to heal, nourish and protect from head to toe. It's packed with Kahai oil, Avocado butter and Daikon oil and also smells delicious thanks to a heady blend of Jasmine and Rose essential oils.

    The hero ingredient is cold-pressed Kahai oil which is rich in Vitamins E and F and Retinol and packs some serious anti-ageing and skin-softening punch. We asked Cowshed's product formulator Oliya to explain just what makes Kahai oil - and Wonder Balm - so wonderful...

    'Our new Wonder Balm nourishes, softens and repairs skin and hair. We tried it out on the team when it was being formulated and many found it improved their dermatitis and are now massive fans! You could also use it to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and burn marks. Kahai oil is a relatively new ingredient that hasn’t been used commonly before. I call it the new supernut! It's has fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties too.

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  • Knackered Cow Relaxing Collection


    Between work and everything else going on, the hectic pace of day-to-day life can certainly take its toll. We know that finding the time to relax and unwind is often easier said than done, but some well-deserved R & R after a long, stressful day is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

    When you’re feeling burnt out, our Knackered Cow relaxing collection – featuring relaxing Lavender and uplifting Eucalyptus essential oils – is the perfect way to unwind.

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  • Introducing Gorgeous Cow Bath & Body Oil


    We asked Cowshed's product formulator Oliya to tell us a bit about the newest addition to our Gorgeous Cow mood - a bath & body oil - and a little bit more about its hero ingredient, Borage seed oil.

    Gorgeous is one of our most popular fragrance moods – it’s a beautiful, floriental, spicy fragrance. A lot of women were asking for a complimentary oil to bathe in, to use on their skin and for massages – basically to complete their Gorgeous ritual. There was a real demand, so we met it! This particular oil has such a heady, romantic, intensely feminine and sensual fragrance… we wanted to try to bring back that sense of taking time for yourself - think Cleopatra, or the golden age of Hollywood, just making bathing into a ritual again.

    Of all our senses, smell is the strongest and that’s why this oil is so powerful. It is a 100% natural, bespoke blend of floral oils that interact with the parfum - which comes from Rose Absolute, Mandarin Oil and Palmarosa Oil - to create a unique composition. It warms on the skin, gradually releasing the different layers of scent – you might pick up on the spicy heat of clove oil, while sweet almond will intensely moisturise without leaving the skin feeling greasy.'

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  • Tried and Tested: Sam Reynolds Reviews our new Jennifer Young treatment


    Sam Reynolds runs an online resource for those adjusting to life after cancer at and runs the monthly support group Safespaces. We asked her to put our new Jennifer Young spa treatment for people living with and beyond cancer to the test. Here's what she thought:

    'Self-care becomes quite the priority after a cancer diagnosis, but when it comes to spa treatments we can feel more stressed out than blissed out.

    For patients and survivors, simply completing the questionnaire pretreatment can bring on a panic attack, let alone the thought of having to strip down to our M&S t-shirt bras and undies! When it comes to ticking boxes and adding further details to having had any of the ‘medical conditions listed below’, there is a sharp intake of breath and in my case about three sides of A4 paper!

    For anyone affected by cancer, the word ‘treatment’ itself can often be associated with all things chemo and radio and any patient will tell you that the idea of massage and facials can feel like a form of psychological torture after surgery. After two of my three breast cancer diagnosis, I was refused a facial because I was still taking the maintenance drug tamoxifen. What a treat indeed! And once again, the complexities of life after cancer are never ending.

    However, the idea of a few hours to myself in London to sample a new spa treatment, specifically designed for those affected with or post cancer, after eight weeks of school holidays, made me feel slightly light headed. After three uninterrupted chapters of my book, a coffee so hot there was actually steam coming off it, a little sniff around my favourite shops and a salute to the mother ship that is Liberty’s, I arrived in Carnaby Street and skipped into the most stylish shed ever (and not a cow pat in sight!)'

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  • Meet Jennifer Young


    We are delighted to introduce a specialised menu of therapies to our UK spas developed with Jennifer Young, for those living with and beyond cancer. An associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, beauty therapist and innovative product formulator, Jennifer has combined her extensive knowledge and experience to develop the treatments which include a Rejuvenating Facial, Balance Body & Mind Massage, Indulgent Massage, Manicure and Pedicure. We talked to Jennifer to discover how she came to create her own skincare line for cancer patients and what drives her.

    ‘About 7 years ago my local hospital asked me to create a skincare range for cancer patients. My background was as a scientist; my first degree was in biology, I’ve got a postgraduate degree in occupational health and I’ve got a further post graduate degree in law. I was accepted by the courts as an expert witness and was working in that space which combines health, the environment and law. I was retraining as a massage therapist, aromatherapist, product formulator and beauty therapist. I didn’t know anything about cancer patients or why they would want different products, but I was honoured to be invited and I really like to learn so off I went to the chemo ward.

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