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Soho Skin Facials

Designed to protect your skin from the effects of fast-paced modern lifestyles, Soho Skin's advanced facials restore health and radiance, with treatments times from just 30 minutes.

Soho Skin 24/7 Facial

Concept: a brightening facial for 24/7 confident skin. What to expect: this rejuvenating, skin-brightening facial uses hyperfunctional products from the core Soho Skin range to lift, energise and boost skin with a natural, hydrated glow. Benefits: firms, plumps, brightens, improves skin tone, and energises. Recommended for: skin in need of a little pick-me-up.

45 mins Choose location

Soho Skin Advanced Facial

Concept: an advanced, regenerative facial designed to work just as hard as you do. What to expect: this multi-tasking, high-performing facial uses an intelligent combination of powerful actives, microdermabrasion techniques, and high-frequency technology. It helps improve overall skin health, support the skin’s natural microbiome, and reveal radiant, revitalised skin. Benefits: firms, plumps, resurfaces, oxygenates, hydrates, and stimulates collagen. Recommended for: tired, lacklustre, and stressed-out skin.

60 mins Choose location

Soho Skin Mini Glow Facial

Get your game face on with this supercharged express facial that will replenish and energise the skin, maximising a bright and radiant complexion. Ideal post-travel, pre-event or before a night out. Please note this service is conducted in chair at Shoreditch Health Club.

30 mins Choose location


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