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Whether you're looking for complete relaxation or to relieve tension, our body treatments are tailored to suit you. We offer everything from circulation-boosting scrubs and soothing CBD or Maharlika massages, to invigorating deep-tissue therapies.

Bespoke Body Therapies

Your therapist will design a bespoke treatment tailored to your needs, to relax, detox or address specific skin concerns. Incorporating different techniques, from dry body brushing and exfoliation to body wraps and light drainage massage.

Marhalika Massage

A full body massage using gentle stretching and pressure point work along your body’s energy channels for total relaxation.

75 mins Choose location

Babington House

Massage for two

Full body massage for two people, each with their own therapist, in our special double treatment room

60 mins Choose location

Babington House

Scrub and soak*

Full body exfoliation with a salt scrub and rinse followed by a relaxing soak in our large zinc tub. *Please bring your swimming costume.

60 mins Choose location

Babington House


Soaking tubs aid detoxification, soothe sore muscles and can help improve sleep. Customise your soak with our Relax or Replenish salts to ease muscle tension and cleanse and polish skin. *Please bring your swimming costume.

30 mins Choose location

Babington House


Exfoliate with sea salt crystals before applying mud to your body to improve skin texture, detoxify and soothe. Follow with a steam to allow the mud to work and clear pores. *Please bring your swimming costume.

60 mins Choose location

Babington House

Sun & Sea Signature Treatment

Body brushing followed by exfoliation using sea salt in peppermint oil, a deep sea detoxifying wrap and a full body massage.

120 mins Choose location

St Moritz Spa & Hotel

CBD Massage, US only

Our signature massage with the addition of Plant People products which have the topical benefits of the cannabis plant. This treatment uses heated pink Himalayan salt stones to help relax muscles and alleviate pain.

Add On: LED Light Therapy

Add on only applicable to CDB treatments. Accelerates healing, increases circulation and reduces inflammation

Soho House Chicago


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