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Tarot Reading with Kirat Randhawa at Cowshed New York

Available on Wednesdays in November.

Kirat is a New York City based therapist-in-training, meditation instructor, and inspired student of Tibetan Buddhism. Her training at The Tibet House, MNDFL Meditation, and in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction lineage has allowed her to develop a multidimensional approach to support clients on their path toward greater alignment and joy. Her work is centered on the collaborative relationship between symbolic guidance and the sophistication of the intellect to offer an enriched understanding of oneself, one's life, and the process of transformation.

Tarot Reading

A pathway to connect with one’s personal power. A psychological exploration of the self through tarot and contemplative practice to develop an internal foundation of grace, resilience, and responsibility. Kirat is offering 30-minute sessions as a container for assessing your personal landscape, including current experience and potential blocks, exploring fresh perspectives, and identifying new habits for ideal growth.

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Soho House New York


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