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Body treatments

Our top to toe body treatments are ideal for addressing specific skin concerns. Choose from circulation-boosting salt scrubs and mud wraps to GUAM® Seaweed treatments to hydrate and firm.

Bespoke Body Therapies

Your therapist will design a bespoke treatment tailored to your needs, to relax, detox or address specific skin concerns. Incorporating different techniques, from dry body brushing and exfoliation to body wraps and light drainage massage.

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Salt Scrub & Massage

A full body exfoliation to remove dead skin and improve circulation, followed by our signature massage.

90 mins Choose location


This foot massage focuses on stimulating pressure points in the feet to alleviate stress, promoting deep relaxation of the body. Please note, 45 min treatments only available for Soho Beach, Barcelona & Berlin.

GUAM® Sea Therapy Neckline Treatment

Designed to tighten and brighten the area around the neckline - the chin, neck and décolleté - the renewing treatment uses a combination of exfoliation and nourishment to boost skin’s natural elasticity. A seaweed scrub promotes lymphatic drainage, while preparing skin for GUAM’s enzymatic mask. This combination of seaweed and hyaluronic acid work in combination to deliver powerful antioxidants, and help to speed up skin’s natural renewal. Finally, the Sea Therapy Neck and Décolleté cream hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Expect a visibly sculpted finish.

30 mins Choose location

GUAM® Seaweed Cellulite Treatment

This treatment uses GUAM’s patented Seaweed formula to target the appearance of cellulite and help to sculpt the body from neck to toe. The lipo-active nanospheres contained in the seaweed gel directly affect fat cells to smooth cellulite, while activating a lipolysis process that can help to prevent the formation of new fat cells.

60 mins Choose location

GUAM® Cryo Seaweed Legs, Feet & Ankles Treatment

Designed to alleviate heaviness and swelling in the legs, ankles and feet - which often results from poor circulation - this treatment uses GUAM’s Cryo Seaweed and Marine Spring Water. Stimulating lymphatic drainage in just 25 minutes, this promotes micro-circulation in the affected areas, leaving legs, feet and ankles noticeably lighter and more sculpted.

60 mins Choose location


This treatment generates a deep sense of inner peace, promoting the body’s own natural self-healing process. This holistic treatment is deeply relaxing, re energising and balancing. You’ll remain fully clothed during your treatment. Your expert practitioner will use hand placements to recharge your energy and re balance your chakras. This treatment is conducted by a specialist practitioner and is subject to availability

60 mins Choose location

HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy

HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy is an advanced wellness treatment which safely introduces concentrated medical oxygen (O3) into the body trans-dermally to boost the immune system, increase detoxification and improve metabolism. Ozone therapy provides a variety of wellness, pain relief, and anti-ageing benefits. The pod infuses a dose of ozone into the skin, which generates a controlled stress response to activate antioxidants in the body.

30 mins Choose location

Soho Farmhouse Spa; Soho House Rome


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