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The small, everyday moments that make us happy

We asked the Cowshed team to share the little things that bring them joy – from nature walks to early mornings

By Chloe Lawrance

Here at Cowshed, we're redefining what wellbeing looks like in 2023, marking this year with time spent doing more of the things that bring us real joy. The little moments of delight and the everyday things that bring a smile to your face: cosy nights in with a Relax Room Candle flickering, getting into a warm bath made even more relaxing with a sprinkling of Sleep Bath Salts, and the Indulge Bath & Shower Gel gently scenting the room.

This winter, we want to celebrate those feel-good moments. They're the building blocks of a meaningful self-care routine, after all. To give you some inspiration, we asked the Cowshed team to share their very own mini joys. We hope they'll inspire you to find pockets of happiness in the everyday, because it's the little things that lead to long-lasting wellbeing.

Recreating traditions

'I'm happiest when I'm hosting friends and family for a night of food, conversation and games. Growing up, my mum always hosted these amazing dinner parties; the house would be full of delicious smells and the sound of laughter. As I've built a home of my own, it's always been really important to recreate those memories for myself.' - Madison Cass, Senior Brand Manager

Getting out into the wild

'I love to get into nature for a long walk - whatever the weather. I'll walk without music or a podcast, just enjoying being outside, soaking up the changing scenery and enjoying the views. I live in London, which means my day-to-day life can be busy and full of deadlines. Walking is so freeing; it makes me feel like I can breathe. All I need is a flask of tea and some cheese and pickle sandwiches in my backpack.' - Gabriella Pappa, Events Manager

Spoiling loved ones

'I'm happiest when I can spend time with my family - especially when I'm able to give them a massage. I love treating them to a few moments of relaxation. I think they appreciate it, too. I'm not always able to see my family face to face, but I still try to keep up with them as much as possible. Late-night video calls with my parents are so special to me.' - Andreea Dumitrescu, Therapist at Cowshed, Primrose Hill

Walking the dog

'My happiest moments are often the smaller joys in life - including walking my miniature dachshund, Winston, by the river near my house. The trickling sound of the water mixed with the willow trees in the breeze; seeing flowers slowly come to life in the spring; it all instantly brings me a sense of calm.' - Georgia Grierson, Retail Copywriter

In the company of good people

'For me, happiness comes from looking after myself, creating meaningful connections and filling my life with the energy of good people. I'm happy when I'm healthy, and surrounded by love and positivity - but most of all when I mirror my happiness to others, and inspire them to feel more positive, too. Happy people are beautiful.' - Liliana Almeida Dos Santos, Head Therapist at Cowshed, Shoreditch House

Up at dawn

'I find myself at my most content when I wake up early. I've always been an early bird, and getting out of bed with the sunrise gives me an incredible sense of peace. I'll have a slow, calm morning, make myself a cup of coffee and quietly drink it while thinking about the day ahead. There's something so calming about waking up when it feels like the rest of the world is still asleep.' - Chloe Lawrance, Beauty Editor

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