Ingredient Focus: Sea Buckthorn Oil


Cowshed's Product Development Manager Oliya Kalashnikova is the powerhouse behind our products, sourcing plant extracts and essential oils from around the world that can deliver amazing benefits to skin and hair, as well as lifting your spirits with beautiful fragrances. A fan of all things natural (including the mug of herbal tea that's always brewing on her desk),  she told us about one of her favourite ingredients, Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is the hero of our Mother range.

‘I’m really glad we’re finally speaking about Sea Buckthorn Oil because we use it a lot but we don’t talk about how amazing it is! I’m from Russia and we’ve used it as a supplement, as food and as tea forever. It has so many benefits and it’s an ancient ‘super oil’ that was used in ancient Greece and is even mentioned in Tibetan healing texts – they refer to it as ‘oil of gold’. It’s widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine too.

'This ‘do it all’ oil can be used in loads of different ways – in the UK it's mostly widely known as an ingredient in skincare but in Russia we have lots of tea rooms and it's brewed as tea. It’s delicious -  thick, juicy, aromatic, you can have it with honey and other herbs. My mum always cooked with it and my grandma makes jam out of it. It’s an incredible superfood. The oil is extracted from the seeds and the tiny orange berries (the colour comes from carotenoids.) It’s not a fussy plant and grows in many places around the world. It's a 'wildcrafted' ingredient, which means it's harvested where it grows naturally, rather than being farmed.'


'Similar to coconut oil, you can use Sea Buckthorn Oil internally and externally. It's a nutritional powerhouse which is packed with Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K and P, flavinoids, amino acids, folic acid and up to 20 mineral oils! It’s an incredible supplement to take as it has such a wide nutritional profile, including a complete mix of omegas – 3, 6, 7 and 9. Omega 7 – the 'super' omega – is very rare; it can only be found in freshwater fish, macadamia nuts and Sea Buckthorn Oil. It has loads of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties which is why we use it in our Stretch Mark Balm.'


Sea Buckthorn Oil can help restore energy and boost immunity so I recommend taking it in the cold months. When you’re feeling unwell try something natural with powerful healing properties. Our ancestors knew a lot but we’ve lost that knowledge. Nature’s given us her gifts from the ground, they're there for us to take.”

Richard Howard, master perfumer and the man behind Cowshed's famous moods is also a fan of Sea Buckthorn, as he explains.

“An indigenous supply of Sea Buckthorn is wildly grown in Ladakh. The plant has an ancient history, extending into Sanskrit reference, promoting its internal and topical medicinal and beauty properties. For hundreds of years it was harnessed by the Buddhist monks and the optimum potency of the fruit is dictated by the alignment of the astrological configurations together with the environmental conditions in which it grows. The plant has fascinating reproductive biology, which includes the plant collective sensitivity in that one male will always be seven females apart from each other. The root stock is believed to be over 10,000 years old, making the indigenous root of this species one of the oldest living plant forms on the planet.”

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